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New Zealand Herald - Oonagh Connor

Menopause signals time to change your makeup
New Zealand Herald

Pale dull skin make up tips from Oonagh Connor for Daily Mail Pale and tired? How to cure the curse of WINTER FACE - and banish dry skin, dark circles and chapped lips for good
Daily Mail Online

Daily Mail - the make-up trick that every women needs to know The ingenious celebrity make-up trick EVERY woman needs to know about
Daily Mail Online
Four writers with very different face shapes put new make-up technique face-contouring to the test. 

Daily Mail make up tricks to hide the festive hangover Oonagh Connor reveals Christmas make-up tricks to hide a festive hangover
Daily Mail Online
It is the post-party face that many of us wake up to after too much alcohol and too little sleep. What can you do to fix your face in an instant if you succumb to one too many Christmas sherries?

Daily Mail - Can three items replace your entire make-up bag? Can just three items replace your entire make-up bag? SARAH CHALMERS finds out
Daily Mail Online
Sarah Chalmers, a busy working mother, swapped her usual 16 products, left, for just three, multi-function items, right. Here’s how she got on.

Daily Mail - mothers and daughters truth experiment Five mums and daughters face the disconcerting truth in picture experiment
Daily Mail Online
Men are told to look at their partner’s mother to see their future. This clever computer trick may prove the rule, as these mothers and daughters realise they’re more alike then they thought.