Oonagh Connor is one of the U.K.’s leading professional celebrity make-up artists

Oonagh is highly regarded as one of the hottest names to work with within the beauty, fashion & tv industry. Trained by the legendary Louise Constad, Oonagh has worked in the business for over 15 years with her modern and natural approach with countless high profile celebrities, editors, photographers, producers and fashion designers alike.




Oonagh is also renowned as an accomplished beauty expert, setting her apart from other industry make-up artists. A regular beauty contributor to the Daily Mail. Oonagh has her finger on the pulse for all the latest trends, products and techniques. You will find the name Oonagh Connor continually quoted on the pages of the glossiest magazines, her expertise has been highly prized over the years.

Whilst Oonagh's background is mainly celebrity and editorial based, she is passionate about helping “real” woman with their makeup routines - offering top beauty tips straight out of the studios. “We see too many young, airbrushed models in the make up industry. There is natural beauty to reveal in all of us whatever age or skin type”.

30 seconds with Oonagh Connor:

Favourite actress?
Meryl Streep. She is a natural beauty. She has aged gracefully and her personality is infectious on screen.  

Fav shade?
Love, love, love all nude pinks. 

Favourite product?
Anything illuminated like Becca skin protector, this can really help a women glow.

Top make up tip? 
Blend well!

Who inspires you?
Anyone that has or is facing failure  and has had the courage to get back up again, no matter what. Katie Piper has to be one the most inspirational woman out there for me.

If you could choose 2 celebrities to have dinner with who would it be?

  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) – would love a make up session with Kate to give her a different look such as a smokey eye. That would really suit her.
  • Simon Cowell – I think the banter would be good

If you could pick 5 make up products only from your make up bag what would it be?

  • Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, 
  • Benefit mascara,
  • Laura Geller Baked Bronzers
  • Mac Relentlessly red. A red lip for when I need to perk it up! 
  • Kiko full coverage concealer.  

Favourite food?
I love a home cooked British roast! I adore roast potatoes, the crispier the better. My husband cooks the best roast!

Favourite type of music
Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith & Rag & Bone man.

Favourite movie
Dirty Dancing for me with it's iconic music. That’s what inspires me into performance mode. Growing up my sister and I would watch it every Saturday. We knew the script back to front!